Grow an Online Grocery business with our contemporary 360° eCommerce solution

The grocery industry is changing rapidly, and those who are flexible, adaptable, and effective will win this race.

Solving Online Grocery's Operational Challenges
Scaling Your Online Grocery Operations
Overwhelmed by online order volumes? Cloud Retail's scalable platform ensures your grocery business never hits a bottleneck. Say goodbye to system crashes and lost orders, and hello to seamless growth.
  • Rapid, seamless platform deployment
  • Effortless scalability with your demand
  • Prevent lost orders, enhance satisfaction
  • Safeguard your brand, boost customer trust
Quick Online Grocery Store Launch
How quickly can you start selling online? With Cloud Retail, the answer is faster than you think. Our quick launch platform is specifically designed for grocery networks eager to dive into or enhance their online presence without the delay usually associated with such a significant transition.
  • Start selling online within 3 weeks
  • Ready-to-use platform for immediate launch
  • Skip lengthy development with our pre-built solution
  • Support for a swift transition without sacrificing service quality
Optimizing Inventory Management
Managing inventory can be challenging, especially with perishable goods. Cloud Retail provides an automated solution for efficient inventory management, minimizing losses, and ensuring product availability.
  • Automated replenishment considering product shelf life
  • Data analytics for order optimization and excess reduction
  • Transparent inventory tracking to prevent accounting errors
  • Real-time pricing management to keep product prices updated
Forecasting and Demand Planning
Accurate forecasting and demand planning are critical for online grocery success. Cloud Retail offers powerful machine learning tools for precise demand forecasting, automated replenishment, and avoiding stockouts.
  • Machine learning for accurate demand forecasts
  • Automated inventory management for optimal replenishment
  • Adaptation to changing purchase patterns in real-time
  • Integration with planning systems for efficient resource allocation
Discover the Full Potential of Our Cloud Retail Platform
Explore Cloud Retail: a unified platform enhancing your grocery business across e-commerce, store management, delivery, supply chain, and analytics for optimized operations.
Grow your own online grocery store
Seamlessly connect with your customers through a comprehensive online grocery store, offering convenient shopping, order tracking, and special deals.
  • Intuitive customer app and website
  • Real-time courier tracking
  • Integrated discount and notification system
  • User-friendly shopping cart and checkout
  • Optimized for online grocery shopping experience
Streamline your store operations now
Optimize your store's operations with our advanced management system, ensuring efficient order processing, stocking, and customer satisfaction.
  • FIFO-based order processing
  • Efficient picking routes and barcode scanning
  • Customizable product handling guidelines
  • Enhanced picker UX and error reduction
  • Integrated with delivery for seamless operations
Elevate Your Delivery Services
Enhance your delivery services with our ecosystem, featuring real-time tracking for stores and couriers, optimizing routes and reducing costs.
  • Real-time courier location tracking
  • Efficient dispatch and courier app
  • Automated order batching and assignment
  • Performance-based courier optimization
  • Detailed metrics for continuous improvement
Optimize your supply chain efficiency
  • Advanced inventory and ordering control
  • Automatic order and transfer calculation
  • Expiry date management to minimize losses
  • Dynamic stock level adjustments
  • Alert system to enhance replenishment KPIs
Streamline your supply chain with our solution, reducing stock issues and wastage while optimizing inventory and replenishment processes.
Empower your decisions with data insights
Leverage our rich data insights for strategic decision-making, with real-time reporting, smart algorithms, and detailed business analytics.
  • In-depth, segmented business metrics
  • Real-time data collection and reporting
  • Enhanced product sorting and recommendations
  • Data-driven personalization strategies
  • Comprehensive analytics for performance monitoring
Facing similar challenges?
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Choose Your Integration or bring your own
Unlock flexibility with Cloud Retail's API-driven partner network. Access 50+ tech integrations to enhance your grocery retail operations.
Cloud Retail stands at the crossroads of IT competence and operational excellence, presenting this combination in our solutions. Started as “Jiffy” - as an online grocery store business in London in 2021, we gained a lot of expertise in efficient OPS processes and reliable IT systems.

In May 2022, we made a pivot, transitioning from a grocery company to a dedicated software provider.
The diversity and expertise of our team contribute to our profound understanding of challenges and latest trends in the eCommerce field.
What our partners say
Cloud Retail significantly enhanced our tech and operations infrastructure, offering comprehensive support from founders to content managers. They meticulously fine-tuned our workflows and, despite post-Covid challenges, provided on-premise training. Their dedication and passion have been evident throughout our collaboration, making working with them a pleasure.
Muneer Hanbali
Chief Product Officer,
Cloud Retail provided invaluable support for YEP NOPE LIMITED's alcohol sales launch in the UK, offering a full-stack solution that met our needs and expectations. Their expertise in operational processes and the UK market significantly contributed to our success, validating our market proposition and aiding our fundraising and scaling efforts. Highly recommended for comprehensive eCommerce solutions.
Alexey Lukyanetc
Founder, YEP NOPE
Fast, Simple & Customised eCommerce Solution
Explore how Cloud Retail can help to scale your business
Build Your eCommerce Fast and Easy with Our Flexible Tech
Full stack
All from one supplier
Save money and time on integration
Get a unified management system
Benefit from unified technical support and training for your staff
Moreover you don’t need to be worry about conflict between different modules and IT tools.
Separate modules
Regardless of your company size, time on the market, inner operational processes, etc.
Regardless of your company size, time on the market, inner operational processes, etc.
Use our ready-to-go modules or take a Cloud Retail’s
eCommerce platform
Frequently Asked Questions
A: Cloud Retail uses 3d party solutions marketing toolkit and it includes:

  • Advanced Promotion Tools
  • Promo Codes
  • Loyalty Program
  • Banners
  • Referral Program
  • Gifting Options
  • Stories
  • Recommendations
  • Bundles
  • Push Notifications and Emails
  • Multibuy Offers
  • Affiliate Program
  • These tools are designed to enhance marketing efficiency and customer engagement within the Cloud Retail platform.
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