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Jiffy Software Rebrands as Cloud Retail

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Cloud Retail, the rebranded identity of the Jiffy Software company, embodies our evolved business approach: crafting and advancing technological solutions that foster organic and rapid growth of eCommerce enterprises.

The New Approach

In May 2022, we pivoted and shifted our focus from fast delivery to developing a technological platform for eCommerce. Implementing the renewed strategy would have been impossible without relevant expertise. Fortunately, we have acquired it.
Jiffy started as a quick grocery delivery service in London. We developed efficient OPS processes and reliable IT systems and gained a clear understanding of what makes an eCommerce company successful. Recognising that coupling IT expertise with our own experience could help other businesses grow faster, we saw an opportunity.
So, we put all our knowledge of how to sell online into our software solution – from automated ordering and automatic replenishment based on smart algorithms to real-time reporting and improving turnover. Since embracing this new trajectory, we've successfully secured investments totalling $2.2 million, led by I2BF Global Ventures and Somersault Ventures.
The platform makes it easy and fast to transform businesses into scalable eCommerce ventures. While building long-term relationships with our clients, we help them optimise production and solve operational problems, which adds significantly more value than merely being a software provider.

Our Plans

Under the new Cloud Retail brand, we are dedicated to evolving our platform to meet the demands of modern online retail. This includes working in several strategic areas:
  • Omnichannel. We ensure that our clients’ customers have a seamless and effortless experience when interacting with products. Our emphasis on omnichannel functionality guarantees that businesses capture audiences at every touchpoint.
  • Mobile First. Cloud Retail provides businesses with a ready-made mobile solution, ensuring competitiveness without heavy lifting. Continuous improvement is underway to ensure our clients' customers enjoy the best user experience and can make purchases at their convenience, wherever they may be.
  • High-performant IT Tech. Cloud Retail’s system is tailored to manage complexity and enhance all of the services. Currently, our data-driven shelving and merchandising system has reduced picker run times by 70%, and we aim to push these boundaries further.
  • Operations efficiency. We are actively developing new features to simplify the process for customers to locate and obtain desired products. Soon, we will introduce slot delivery, offering the option to have a product delivered within a specified time frame.
  • Cloud Version and On-Premise Option. Recognising the challenges of data storage, Cloud Retail continues to refine solutions for both cloud and on-premises options.
  • Operational Partnership. We want our clients and their employees to be confident that they are working with a reliable partner. A partner who not only provides a convenient, highly intuitive solution but also helps build and optimise all e-commerce processes.
  • Marketing tools. We are actively working on the development of all the marketing tools available in our solution, ensuring our clients have all the necessary up-to-date tools to increase profits and stay ahead of competitors.
These enhancements guarantee optimal user experiences, timely deliveries, and convenient order placements for our clients' customers. Simultaneously, ongoing improvements assure our clients and their employees, including order management managers, couriers, and warehouse workers, that they are collaborating with a reliable partner.

Our Company

As a software company, Cloud Retail specialises in developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the Grocery, F&B, Fashion, Pharma, Electronics industries and more. The solution covers all aspects of eCommerce, including full-stack or separate ready-to-use modules, such as App & Web, Headless eCommerce, Warehouse/Store Management Systems, Supply Chain & Replenishment, Delivery, and Business Intelligence (BI).