About Us

From quick grocery delivery to pioneering eCommerce

Starting as a grocery delivery service in London, we acquired extensive IT and operational expertise and transitioned into software provider, Cloud Retail.
These reviews showcase our customers' appreciation for our work as Jiffy Grocery, highlighting our expertise in the niche.
Now, we're offering you this expertise, ensuring that beyond an excellent eCommerce solution, you gain loyal customers and a robust operational setup as well.
Our Cloud Retail software solution combines all our knowledge of how to sell online - from automated orders and automatic replenishment to real-time reporting and improving turnover
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Our story
Ventured into the fast-paced online food delivery industry as a qCommerce delivery company
April 2021
Introduced the QCaaS (Quick-Commerce as a Service) model, a pivotal shift towards a more extensive online commerce product
Summer 2021
The pivot from fast delivery to developing a technological platform for eCommerce, leveraging our swift delivery expertise
May 2022
Secured $2.2 million in investments, led by I2BF Global Ventures and Somersault Ventures
September 2023
Marked the culmination with the rebrand to Cloud Retail
December 2023
Our values
In work with our clients we help to establish processes, share our experience, and provide all the knowledge we've accumulated — from warehouse management to promotional opportunities for increased sales
Tech-first solution
Drawing on our robust IT expertise, earned through experience with high-scalable eCommerce platforms such as Alibaba, and AliExpress, we excel at customising our software to meet diverse business needs. Our capabilities include rapid integration within a few weeks and swift implementation of new features
In addition to our IT expertise, we have built our own experience, starting as a rapid-delivery company. Therefore, we guarantee that you will receive a customised and efficient solution that is highly tailored to the needs of your customers
We offer
With a specialisation in SaaS and on-premise solutions, Cloud Retail Team caters to business needs across a wide range of industries: F&B, Grocery, Beauty, Electronics, Pet, Kids, Pharmacy, and Fashion.
Our online product holds the transformative power to reshape your business, build profitability, and make it successful.
On-prem or Cloud
We know that data storage can be sensitive. You can choose Cloud or On-prem — we support both solutions
App & Web
A fast and flexible solution to bring your business online: we will help design your website and app and integrate them with your backend
Warehouse/Store Management Systems
Data-driven shelving positioning, merchandising and smart picking routes shorten the picking time
Supply Chain & Replenishment
Calculate orders quickly and 99% automatically with 35+ configurable parameters — just set up your settings and press the button
Solution that optimises delivery processes and reduce eCommerce expenses as a result
Business Intelligence (BI)
We have each business metric logged and available for deep inspection with a segmentation
Our focus
While building long-term relationships with our clients, we help them optimise production and solve operational problems, which adds significantly more value than merely being a software provider
Cloud Retail's adaptive store management solution seamlessly integrates with multiple purchase sources, like social media or web portals, offering businesses a unified approach to manage orders and enhance customer experience across various channels
Mobile-first approach
Cloud Retail offers a ready-to-use mobile app that supports localisation and showcases offers, discounts, bundles, recipes, and push notifications, enhancing business competitiveness with minimal effort
High-performant IT Tech
Cloud Retail’s system is tailored to manage complexity and enhance all of the services. Currently, our data-driven shelving and merchandising system has reduced picker run times by 70%, and we aim to push these boundaries further.
Human Experience
We focus on UX for both buyers and company employees, offering smart search and price alerts, and simplifying warehouse and delivery processes for greater efficiency
All-in-one solution
Our all-in-one eCommerce solution eliminates the need for multiple tools, saving on resources, integration time, and training. It streamlines processes and reduces technical issues and integration complexities

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