Digital Ecommerce Platform

Get the most of the modern e-commerce

Level up your online sales with our platform

Digital Ecommerce Platform
Get the most of the modern e-commerce
Level up your online sales with our platform
Top 3 problems of online shops
Hard to grow online sales due to high competition
Need to hire a big team and wait for 3 months to get things done
Standard solutions provide not enough scalability and flexibility
Our customizable and flexible e-commerce platform will ensure stability and scalability of your business – you will focus on your business, not handling IT issues
With our wide variety of promotion and marketing tools
average order value
we have raised
up to
while achieving
conversion rate into purchase
average order value
we have raised
up to
conversion rate into purchase
while achieving
Raise your revenue to grow your business
Promotion tools
• Percentage discount
• Fixed amount discount
• Free shipping
• Buy X pay Y
• Any other strategies by your request
Promo codes
You can put a promo code or a group of items to draw a user’s attention
• Sampling
• New brands products promotion
• Hidden gifting
• Multiple choice gifts
• You can unite different SKUs (or just one) into a group, set a price per 1 pcs for each SKU and increase your sales, selling the whole bundle at once

• You can set special terms for one item: add X amount of the item and buy each per Y
Bundles & Multibuy
Marketing and remarketing tools
Raise your revenue to grow your business
• Flexible settings of cashback and credits percentage

• Flexible collecting and spending points system
Loyalty program
A user can share the promo code with friends and get a reward, specific terms can be set by request
Referral program
Communicate with users through the stories: inform a user of the latest news and promotions, highlight separate categories or items, post a delicious recipe or collect the feedback
The system of recommendations is based on the users’ data and their purchases patterns
Reach out your users everywhere with pushes and emails available out of the box, any other channel can be implemented by request
Pushes and emails
Friendly user interface
Reduces friction on the way to sales
• Vast addresses base
• Autocompletion of input
• Key words search
• Search history
• Special offers search
• Notification about price changing
• Limited stock mark
Useful info
We have collected the best solutions in
e-commerce from all over the world
Simple architecture makes it easy to connect to any backend
Tech stack
15+ popular technologies that ensure low development cost, fast launch and great performance of your business
API Gateway
50+ microservices:
Order management system
Customer service
Catalog service
Delivery service etc
Availability SLA
Secure and reliable
Several protection layers for info security including data encryption, firewalls, anti DDoS and other
Hybrid approach
Single page application within the native shell ensures great user experience at a high speed with an incredible performance
App native shell allows us to integrate deeply with iOS and Android core functions to ensure native experience.
Site-app implements all e-commerce business logic and is opened within the native shell, which allows to customize the solution seamlessly
No need to go through App Store and Google Play review
Independent releases: 90% of features can be updated within a site-app
One code base for both app and website accelerates development
Our app includes events sending, notifications, Apple/Google Pay, updates in the stores are rare
No need to wait until all the users upgrade the app to the latest version
Both iOS and Android apps’ interface is 100% identical to each other
Two options to go
Connect our App & Web solution to any backend easily
Take our App & Web module as a part of a Jiffy’s e-commerce platform
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